FSMP is a community of aviation enthusiasts
currently based in the Multiplayer world of
FSX Microsoft Flight Simulator

The FS-MP FSX Multiplayer server is intended to provide a reasonably realistic environment, for both Pilots and Controllers to experience the challenges and fun, of FSX Multiplayer within USA Airspace.

The session is joined by Lan (Direct Connect) - IP:, and runs 24/7/365. ( New IP Dec 21st 2012)

Anyone with FSX, is invited to join the session and take part, provided they are prepared to follow a few Basic Rules, that have been created to allow for smooth operation of the session.

The session is open to Pilots and Controllers of MOST ABILITIES, provided that players at least have the BASIC knowledge necessary to function on the server, without disrupting the enjoyment of other players.

Pilots are expected to fly aircraft that they are able to fly and control , and, at a minimum, be able to follow basic ATC instructions.

Controllers are expect to knows the BASICS of the positions they choose to control at, and be able to function reasonably well in that position.

FSMP does NOT currently have any PILOT or CONTROLLER training. Players are expect to progress and learn by reading appropriate literature, practical practice, and by drawing on knowledge & experience gained elsewhere in the Flight Simulator Community.

If you are Brand new to Flight Simulator, unfortunately this is NOT the session for you. It is doubtful you will be able to function in this session, and all you will do is frustrate yourself and other players, resulting in being asked to leave.


The FS-MP FSX server has many Advanced Feature, not found on any other FSX server, including the ability for players to be able to communicate with the server's AI engine, via the Chart Windows. This ability to communicate, and receive both Private Audio and Text messages from the server, opens up a new horizon in FSX Multi player.

With the FSMP AI engine, overseeing the session, it is now possible to have Multiple Controllers, and Multiple Airports, effectively controlling large numbers of Pilots, within a FSX Hosted Multiplayer Environment, with everyone also to determine what is going on within the session.